Mar 082011

Brighid's CrossBrighid Invocation for Ostara

Hail Brighid, Goddess who brings forth life anew!

We ask that You be here with us
On this rite of Ostara –
Balanced between Your energies of fire and frost.
For the time of cold and dark has passed, and
We move into the time of warmth and light.

Brighid, we ask that You be midwife unto the world!
Aid the sprouting of seeds, pushing up through the dark earth.
Bring comfort to those who labor bringing forth
new life from the dark womb.
Watch over the sprouts and the newborns,
protecting them with Your gentle hand.

Let Your inspiration fill our hearts.
Let us feel Your fire in our souls.
Let our minds perceive the world in clarity.

So Mote It Be!


Thanking Brighid at Ostara

Hail Brighid!
Thank You for Your guidance at this Rite of Ostara!
We are grateful for Your gifts of inspiration, fire and clarity.

Hold Your protective hand over us and our loved ones
As we travel the spiral paths of our lives.
May we always feel Your presence within us.

Blessed Be!

© 2003 Sabrae