Mar 202011

Herne Invocation for Ostara

Hail Great Horned Herne!

We ask you to be here with us
On the Rite of Ostara.
You are the balance between Hoof and Horn
As the time of rest and reflection has come to pass
As we move into the time of growth and action.

Herne, we ask that You be our guide for the world!
Give us the drive for new growth.
Bring us the insight on our path.
Watch over us and protect us on our way.

Let Your intuition fill our heads.
Lets us feel Your strength in our bones.
Let our bodies move in this world with confidence.

So Mote It Be!

Thanking Herne at Ostara

Hail Great Horned Herne!
Thank You for Your guidance at this Rite of Ostara!
We are grateful for your gifts of intuition, strength and confidence.

Place your protective eye over us and our loved ones
As we travel the spiral paths of our lives.
May we always feel Your presence within us.

Blessed Be!

© 2003 Rock