Apr 242011

Gaia Invocation for Beltane

The scent of green leaves and blossoms float to us
on sweet breezes this Eve
The luxurious glow of growth and renewal
Reflecting both Brightness and Darkness
A night blessed by sacred joining

You have long been the watcher and guardian of life
And endings
A procession of children who call you home
Hail Gaia, Dance through us
Our souls are moved by Your breath
Our bodies flow with Your blood
Nurturing, Growing, Blooming

Plant Your seeds of knowing within us,
That we may move with confidence and courage

Fertilize our imaginations
Moving us to create our world anew with fresh vision

Sweep clean our doubts and fears
So that we can more fully embrace life and the wonders that it brings

Fill us with Your Love of life
So passion can more fully envelop our being

Be pleased to be with us in our circle
For Your very being is our being
Feeding each other throughout time and space
Blessing All who seek Your Love
So Mote It Be!

Thanking Gaia at Beltane

Hail Gaia

We thank You for Being here this Eve
And we are truly thankful and blessed
By planting us with your knowing seeds
By fertilizing us with imagination
By sweeping clean our doubts and fears
By filling us up with Your love of life
We are reminded daily of our connection to You
Be blessed and honored as we bid farewell

Blessed Be!

© 2003 Sabrae


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